Data collection

Collecting data from different sources and saving it in a clean and organized manner.

I can help with:

  • Web scraping
    Collecting data and generating datasets from websites/API
  • Data collection
    Collecting and organizing data from various internal and external sources (excel, SQL databases, documents...)
  • Quality assurance
    Rigorous validation and verification processes to ensure data accuracy, consistency, and reliability.
  • Automated workflows
    Automatize the collection and organization of data.

Related projects

  • I implemented a LinkedIn web-scraper to generate a datasets of tens of thousands of job offers. The dataset can be generated in a few hours and consists of a job title, a description, the job level and the salary information.
  • I collected and organized data from the French national assembly and prepared the data to be visualized in an online website.
  • I developed a script to download satellite images based on coordinates and timestamps to generate aggregated flood maps.

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