Max Lutz

Data scientist freelance | Analytics | Engineering | Python

Award-winning data scientist with 2+ years of experience helping businesses find value in their data by using advanced analytics, data engineering, and creating and maintaining models.

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Hi, I'm Max. I'm an engineer specialized in data science.

I'm helping companies to prepare, analyse, visualize and train models on their data. My expertise covers essential steps like: data pre-processing, advanced statistical analysis, data visualization, machine learning and deep learning and effectively conveying the results my work.

I worked in the field of data science for Omdena, a platform that develops and deploys data solutions for companies, and for Tenko, a startup that works on quantifying the physical and financial risk linked to climate change for companies. I also achieved 2nd place in a data competition on flood detection organised by Microsoft with 650+ participants.

I am currently working as a freelance data scientist as well as contributing to open source projects.

2021 Engineer student ECE Paris 2022 Data scientist Omdena 2023 Data engineer Tenko Data scientist Freelance


I'm offering services in data collection, data preprocessing, data visualization and data modeling.
Let's make sense of your data!
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Data collection

Collecting data from API, databases, excel. Quality control, automated workflows. Read more..

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Data preprocessing

Data cleaning. Applying data preprocessing functions. Data integrity. Read more..

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Data visualization

Visualizing data. Customizing the colors, style and type of graph. Creating dashboards. Read more..

Data modeling

Train machine learning models. Monitor the models during training and in production. Model hosting Read more..


Professional or side projects I have been working on.
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Pakistan flood visualization

Generating and visualizing aggregated flood data.

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National assembly dataviz

Creating a dashboard to visualize data.

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Flood map comparison

Comparing historical flood data and actual flood data.

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High dimensional dataviz

Displaying datasets containing hundreds of feature in 2D.

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Classification pipeline tool

Generating a classification pipeline for any datasets.

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Linkedin salary prediction

Predicting salary based on job description on Linkedin.


Max is rigorous and detailed-oriented. He is also capable of delivering first rate piece of work in limited timeline. I reckon him as highly reliable, smart, fast learner and dedicated.

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Christelle Nocca

Key account manager, MMA group COVEA

Max is extremely collaborative and values teamwork to a high degree. This makes collaboration with Max very effortless and effective. I learned a lot from his approach.
There is one more characteristic of Max's that's worth mentioning, in addition. He is a great communicator. He is successful at this in many ways. He's able to explain what he knows to people of various levels of understanding on a subject. 

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Elena Barbulescu

System Analyst at ITC Holdings Corp

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