Data modeling

Select and train machine learning or deep learning models on any type of data

I can help with:

  • Machine learning
    Train machine learning (ML) models on any type of data from very simple and explainable models to more complex and performant models.
  • Deep learning
    Train deep learning models (neural networks, RNN, CNN...) on images, text, mixed data. Implement custom architecture depending on the needs of the project. 
  • Model monitoring
    Monitor the models during training and in production. Ensure that the model is performing reliably and without errors weeks or months after training. Put in place alerts when the model stops performing at the required level.
  • Automated workflows
    Create scripts to automatically retrain the model when new data are available or when performance are degrading. 
  • Model hosting
    Making the model available through an API internally to other people in the company or publicly available online. Training the model in a way that the preprocessing can also be performed by the API.

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