Data visualization

Visualize data in the correct way to extract value and knowledge

I can help with:

  • Visualizing data
    Choosing the correct graph to highlight what the data is showing us. Customizing the colors, style and type of graph to the customer's needs.
  • Satellite data visualization
    Create satellite data visualization to display change over time, difference between regions, data aggregation over regions or countries.
  • Creating dashboard
    Implement responsive dashboards to visualize different attributes from a dataset. 

Related projects

  • I created a dashboard to visualize data from the French national assembly. I made use of different graphs and style depending on the data I was displaying.
  • I displayed flood data from different sources and format to showcase the difference between FEMA historical flood maps and actual flood maps in the city of St Louis in the US. This data visualization was part of a series of post on social media for the company I was working for, Tenko

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